About a year ago I bought VDMX and Ohm64 and successfully was using this “combination” for my visual setup. All year I was making different setups for my visual sets and found the one I use mostly.Few weeks ago I’ve got OhmRGB, and would like to share the way I was using this setup with these fancy LED feedback.

Fist, here is custom pressed for my OhmRGB, and i will explain why. Some VDMX midi sends don’t have standard midi out, for example 4 layers can send only midi note range, or one midi note. As You can see in the video, I’m using 4 layers, so it sends out note range between 67-70 notes, and I able to see which layer is active.

Here I’ve shared a layout mostly I’ve been working with. Left side are layer controls, top left 4×4 grid is for media bin,  top right is for pages.. Sad that VDMX can’t send midi out (Note per page) so it’s difficult to setup led feedback for OhmRGB. If You are using setup with 4 pages, you can make note range Out, as I made it for layer selection.

Below is a video I made, just quick button press, or demo etc. but it shows things, what i’m talking about. (picture is worth a thousand words)

The bottom grid in left is for layer control for play-pause, quantization, sync and eject, and right one is for fx toggles on/off. The most right controls are for master layer/master fx sliders and so on.

I would like to mention that VDMX is best VJ software I’ve ever played with but don’t forget that like  all things it has advantages and disadvantages too.

Well.. I think that’s it. If you have any questions, please ask. All information how to find me you could find HERE


Here I made step by step guide how to add feedback for your ohmRGB, all in all there is no need to cover all buttons and all midi sends, cause the principle is the same for all. Main thing is explanation how to change midi map in OhmRGB/Ohm64 editor for better sync with VDMX.

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  1. 05.15.2012

    Great work!

    • eatyourwork

      thanks. i’m mastering my OHMRGB template for VDMX, and as soon as I find good experience with it i will make it public.

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