1. In 2013 I promise to write more than a 2 posts a year.


AVaspo – Tarp Odos (Between skin and skin) Visual material

This material was produced for AVaspo shows as a visualization and put to one video for showcase. It is not an official music video. Audio track is a demo recorded live or during rehearsals and is NOT an FINAL version, […]


2011 Top5

Haha! It’s bit late to post 2011 tops… , but still! I’ve made a list of 5 best events that made my day year! 1. AVaspo and Luumm concerts and MJR event! 2. Meet some old friends and birth of idropt 3. […]


Colours Of Bubbles – Phoenix (REMIX)

Few weeks ago I and music artist Fingus finished our remix for brand new Colours Of Bubbles single Phoenix! And I really forgot to share it here… I think it’s never too late so i’m doing this today!